Residential Housecleaning Services


American Property Solutions home cleaning service primarily uses commercial grade cleaning products in your kitchen to ensure total cleanliness and disinfection of all surfaces to eliminate disease-causing bacteria and germs. We want you to be confident that when we’re done cleaning your kitchen you’ll know that it’s not just clean but it’s as germ and bacteria free as possible – that’s our measure of success each time we visit your home.


Bathrooms have a tendency to become very dirty very quickly, and it’s not difficult to imagine why. At American Property Solutions, we use commercial grade cleaning chemicals to eradicate the germs, soap buildup and scum, hard water and calcium deposits and dirt that’s likely to camp out in your bathroom. If you prefer for us to use your own cleaning agents, we will be happy to accommodate you if you make them available to us.

Living Areas

s there anything more embarrassing than unexpected guests trying to relax in a messy living room? At American Property Solutions, our cleaning service can sanitize and organize your living room or public space. Our common room cleaning service is available for big, one-time jobs and regularly scheduled cleanings. You’ll love the care our cleaning technicians take when they clean your living room. We never rush, and we promise to complete your job to your satisfaction. That’s why we’re the preferred home cleaning service in the Lehigh Valley!


Do you need a bedroom cleaning service to tackle an out-of-control room? Perhaps your bedroom needs spring cleaning and you just don’t have the time to get to it yourself. Whatever the case, when you hire American Property Solutions for your housecleaning service, you’ll get a professional job done right. We don’t overlook the details other residential maid services ignore, and we never rush.

If you’re like most people, you appreciate a clean and organized home – but you may not have the time you need to sanitize thoroughly and straighten up. American Property Solutions offers an affordable cleaning service can keep your home in its best shape with regularly scheduled cleanings. With American Property Solutions, you can spend your free time relaxing, but still feel proud to welcome guests and comfortable when you’re alone.

American Property Solutions has professional house cleaners that will sanitize and organize every living space when you hire us for regularly scheduled cleaning. In the kitchen, you can expect cleaner appliances, including your coffeemaker and toaster. We’ll disinfect your counters and sinks, and sanitize and polish your fixtures. We will wipe down your cabinet and appliance exteriors, and vacuum or clean the floor.

We’ll also give your bathrooms the same careful treatment as the kitchen. We’ll disinfect the toilet, shower, tub, counters, sink and faucet. We’ll clean the mirrors and the cabinet exteriors. We’ll vacuum and wash the floor, and wipe down door handles, frames and windowsills, too.

In the rest of your home, you can expect cleaner tables, shelving, furniture and much more. We’ll wipe down your door handles, molding, and light switches, where dirty grime frequently builds up. We can vacuum and mop the floors, dust thoroughly, and straighten up clutter where necessary. And if you need additional services or one-time services, just ask!

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